NT1 Range Turbochargers

The NT1 Range is our very latest, state-of-the-art range of turbochargers and has been designed to provide market leading pressure ratios to provide you with more power and efficiency than ever, whilst lowering fuel consumption and emissions.

The NT1 Range has been developed to give engine manufacturers extra pressure ratio of up to 6.0:1 - the highest available for this type of turbocharger. This is combined with best-in-class efficiency levels and allows engine manufacturers not only to develop engines that meet emissions legislation, but also to use more advanced miller timings to further reduce fuel consumption whilst still applying up-rates to increase the power density.

NT1 Range Innovation
  • The market leader in pressure ratio and efficiency for a single-stage axial turbocharger
  • Designed to meet current and future IMO11 diesel engine requirements
  • Suitable for high-altitude and high-ambient installations
  • Complies with all marine and land-based legislation
  • Compatible with all fuel types, for ultimate flexibility
  • Can be tailored for use in marine, power generation and rail applications
  • Fully supported by our world-class global service network
NT1 Series

The NT1 Range represents a shift in turbocharger performance, reinforcing Napier's leading position in the market. These units offer market-leading pressure ratios and efficiency levels, while actively helping to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Napier Turbochargers Engine Output

NT Range Specifications
Model NT1-10 NT1-12 NT1-14
Engine Power Output Max (MW) 5 6 8
Engine Power Output Min (MW) 2 3.5 5
Pressure Ratio 6.0:1 6.0:1 6.0:1
Weight (Kgs) 1220 2100 3600
Length (mm) 1500 1800 2170
Width (mm) 1000 1170 1400
Height (mm) 870 1050 1250

Napier Turbochargers Product Capacity Curves

NT Range Capacity Curves

Typical NT1-10 Compressor Map

NT Range Compressor Map

NT Range

Highest pressure ratio and efficiency available for this type of turbocharger in the market, reducing emissions and fuel consumption, and achieving more power.

Cost-effective and stress-resistant aluminium alloy compressor which does not compromise performance and durability.

Wide compressor map thanks to anti-surge technology allowing peak efficiency operation in different applications, with increased surge margin eliminating the risk of surge during operation.

Highest possible levels of efficiency thanks to 3D CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) design of all components making up the aerodynamic compressor elements. Peak efficiency areas can be tailored to specific requirements and applications, such as part or full-load optimisation.


NT1 Range

Long service life under all conditions and duties thanks to fabricated nozzle ring designed for high efficiency and excellent resilience to thermal transients.

Longer lasting components achieved using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing to identify high stress points which have then been designed out.

Airflow optimised for better performance by using 3D CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) 3D CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software in the design of aerodynamic components and to boost the efficiency of the turbine stage.

Heavy Fuel Oil optimisation through rigorous testing and analysis, and investigation into the latest water-washing techniques specifically for the turbine, for ultimate flexibility.

Additional flexibility to operate with both constant and pulse pressure systems, matching your engine set up.

Lowest possible fuel consumption achieved thanks to ability to move peak efficiency point along the range, reducing cost for your operation.

Turbine image

NT1 Range

Strong and durable bearings and seals, designed for the rigorous demands of the increased pressure ratio and higher operation speeds.

Reliability, reduced wear and extended service intervals thanks to hydrodynamic journal bearings which feature a squeeze film damper for vibration resilience (semi-floating design).

Compact, space-saving design using our tried and tested bearing arrangement of ergonomically mounting the thrust bearing between the journal bearings.

Innovative shaft sealing means no leakage at very low engine loads.

Wabtech Napier NT1 Range Bearing imagery

NT1 Range

Intelligent, safe aircooled design, with lubrication via the engine lube oil system for simplicity and efficiency, and proven burst containment meeting all classification society approvals.

Reduced cost and potential for leakage thanks to the pipeless engine principle of integrated oil inlet and drain.

Easy to install, compact and flexible, with waste ports on gas inlet and outlets, rotatable casings, and a number of axial and radial gas inlet options to meet a wide range of engine and engine room requirements.

Conforms with SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea), answering strict insulation sound and temperature requirements for safety, liability and peace of mind.