Monday 5th August, 2019
1st October 2019, Napier will no longer be supporting obsolete frame sizes.
Friday 26th February, 2016
Napier Turbochargers fully understand that operators need a committed and cost effective solution for both maintenance work and supply of spare parts. With TC plan, operators can now plan and budget for routine maintenance of their Napier turbochargers.
Thursday 12th March, 2015
Napier team members are visiting the 2015 exhibition at the Nor-Shipping event in Oslo. This popular 4 day trade fair was a great opportunity to showcase Napier's range of innovative turbochargers and exchange ideas with Customers and Partners.
Wednesday 4th March, 2015
Napier Turbochargers are pleased to offer an operating cost reduction program for ongoing maintenance with a new service agreement.
Thursday 7th March, 2013
With our Global network of service centres, Napier Turbochargers is committed to the long term operation and support of your equipment, wherever in the world that equipment happens to be.