Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Napier Turbochargers Limited is committed to the development and maintenance of a positive health, safety and environmental (HSE) culture which promotes continual improvement. Compliance with legal and other relevant requirements is the minimum standard to be attained, but with the objective of implementing best practice to prevent injury and ill health to persons and damage to the environment.

  1. The Board of Directors regard HSE Management as an integral part of the business activity and they ensure that it is pursued in the same way and with the same vigour as other managerial objectives, in particular they:
    • Provide visible and active leadership to ensure the health, safety and welfare of workers and to reduce the risks to others and the environmental impact of work activities;
    • Rank HSE managerial responsibilities equally with the responsibilities of design, production and sales;
    • Regard failure to meet HSE responsibilities as a lack of ability to manage that may involve the normal disciplinary procedure;
    • Delegate responsibility and authority through the management chain to the first supervisory level and expect managers to lead by example.
  2. Activities carried out by the Company are assessed to identify the HSE hazards they represent and to establish risk reduction and control measures. These form the foundation of a documented management system which details the arrangements that support this Policy Statement.
  3. Objectives and targets are established to improve performance. When setting these, consideration is given to legal and other requirements that support this Policy Statement.
  4. Work is undertaken to minimise the use of resources and energy by Company operations.
  5. Training for employees is provided with the objective of establishing HSE awareness and competence. It is also a means of motivating personnel to carry out their tasks in a manner that promotes HSE responsibility.
  6. Communication and consultation takes place between management and employees to maintain good practices and with control authorities to confirm conformity with their requirements and to develop effective working relationships. Information is also provided to business partners to promote good practice.
  7. Funding, competent specialists and other resources are provided to assist managers and other duty holders to implement the policy.
  8. Planning, procedures, physical controls and emergency response arrangements are established to avoid and/or manage unplanned accidents and incidents.
  9. There are periodic reviews and audits of the HSE Policy and the HSE management system to ensure that they remain appropriate and effectively implemented.